Why it works


The components of this remarkable parts washer work because they form a system solution. Together the filter, microbes, fluid and machine harness the power of biotechnology to offer the end user a unique parts cleaning experience.


  • The OzzyMat® Filter transfers fresh microbes to the OzzyJuice® cleaner and trap particulates preventing them from contaminating the OzzyJuice® solution
  • Ozzy® Microbes eat organic contaminants as a food source and effectively eliminate these from the CRC SmartWasher® bioremediating parts washing system as water and carbon dioxide through the process of bioremediation
  • The OzzyJuice® Cleaning Fluid provides an optimal feeding ground for the microbes by efficiently lifting fats, greases, oils and other organic matter off the parts, emulsifying these and carrying them into the parts washer and making them accessible to the microbes
  • The CRC SmartWasher® Bioremediating Parts Washer offers temperature control to keep the microbes reproducing and healthy for bioremediation, a brush to provide mechanical cleaning where needed and an ecosystem where bioremediation can occur

CRC Smartwasher® is a complete cost effective system that deliver exceptional cleaning in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

Leveraging the Power of Biotechnology

Passes Independent Performance Testing:


United States

  • AMS 1526 C
  • Mil-PRF-29602A
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • Douglas CDS No.1

New Zealand

  • Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) – C31
  • New Zealand
    Ministry of Defense NSN Approvals*


  • Australia Ministry of Defense NSN Approvals

It may seem impossible for this system to work as effectively as solvent parts washers but it does and our 50,000+ customers confirm it!