Achieving Maximum output


The system relies on a balance of conditions that are easily achieved by the end user:

  • Optimal operating temperatures: 105-115°F (40-46°C)
  • At operating temperature, microbes break down contaminants at an optimal rate
  • The aqueous cleaning fluid will freeze ~28°F (-2.2°C) but the microbe will not die
  • At low temperature both bioremediation and reproduction rate of microbes slows down
  • Temperatures greater than 140°F(60°C) will kill the microbes
  • If left idle for 2-3 weeks, the SmartWasher will require reactivation of microbes by adding OzzyBooster® Microbial Enhancer and a new OzzyMat® filter
  • Biocides designed to kill microbes will kill the Ozzy® microbes do not use the following near your CRC SmartWasher®: disinfectants, antibacterial solutions, poisons, pesticides, fungicides, algaecides
  • Dumping waste oil into the CRC SmartWasher® can smother and kill the microbe: Loading excess oil/greases will encapsulate the microbe and impede its ability to capture Oxygen
  • Adding new microbes to the system is beneficial to the health of the microbe ecosystem and productivity of the CRC SmartWasher®
  • System salinity can become a factor at concentrations higher than 5% by weight