A Healthy Ecosystem

Ozzy® Microbes
  • TSCA described as “naturally occurring”
  • NIH Risk Group 1 Organisms EU Risk Category 1
    • Not associated with disease in healthy adult humans
  • ATCC Class 1 Organism
    • Non-pathogenic
    • Safe to use
    • No recognized hazard potential
    • Unrestricted distribution by recognized agencies
OzzyJuice® Cleaning Fluids
  • Clean Air Solvent Certificate (SCAQMD)
  • Safer Choice from US EPA Agency
    • SW-4 and OzzyBooster®
  • DOHS (Title 22)
    • Hazardous Waste Bioassay using Fathead Minnows
  • Irritection Assay
    • Minimal to non-irritant
  • NSF Certified

New Zealand

  • New Zealand AsureQuality
  • Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) – C31
  • New Zealand Ministry of Defense NSN Approvals


  • Australia AsureQuality
  • Australia Ministry of Defense NSN Approvals

To reduce the chances of adding hazardous materials to your CRC SmartWasher® solution here are some things that may help:

  • Things to Avoid:
    1. Ignitable hazardous waste
    2. Using solvents or other cleaners over the parts washer
    3. Using parts washer for non-business related parts cleaning
  • Change your filter as recommended to prevent contaminants from getting into the OzzyJuice® cleaning fluid
  • Clean out the sludge routinely
While these precautions will help keep the system clean the end user must always follow local guidelines for waste testing and disposal